33 Blue Devil Years

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                    1930 -1963   BY LELAND G KEENE         


Spirit Of The Blue Devils

  Pahokee is a football town.  It has often been said that we don't care about other sports.  "Football is king in Pahokee," gripe our opponents from the coast.  Football is the chief subject taught at Pahokee High.  They also call us "beanpickers" from the Swamps.

We have a small school in comparison to the schools we play.  So we have to do things differently to compete on an equal basis.

We have a lot of spirit and pride.  This has been handed down from the Blue Devils of the past.

We have a superior group of boys.  First things are first and football comes first.  They keep training rules, have a desire to learn, and keep in better physical and mental condition.

We use the latest coaching techniques, such as coaching schools, game movies, scouting reports and even watch the pro's play on television.

We know that we are underdogs in almost every game.  We have to have more desire to win, hit harder., use evasive tactics against stronger teams, and out-maneuver and outsmart our opponents.

Therefore, we have to have a superior boy, give him individual coaching, develop a feeling of pride, instill in him a spirit to want to win, and make him understand that many are called to become "Blue Devils", but only a few are chosen to represent Pahokee in football.




To the boys who, down through the years, have fought hard to make "The Blue Devils" a respected name in South Florida sports, and who have brought recognition and honor to their alma mater . . . to each and every one of these boys this book is respectfully dedicated.

Leland G. Keene




I wish to gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the merchants, professional people, and individuals who supported the publication of this little book by their advertising. Without their assistance it would have been difficult if not impossible to tell this story of 33 years with the "Blue Devils".



                              TEAM MEMBERS:


            Dan Padgett            Parker            Gold

            Wilder            Cranford            Spooner

            Bass            Thompson            John Padgett

                        Vinson            Winnie


Pahokee 14        Dania 0               Pahokee 0        Stuart 25

Pahokee 6         Homestead 0            Pahokee 13      Dania 6

Pahokee 12       Lake Worth 14            Pahokee 0   Lake Worth 13

Pahokee total points.... 45 Won 3, lost 3 ... 500%

Opponent’s total points. .58

Louis Gold, clever handling of team and intercepting passes.  Leon Spooner, Joe Parker and Jack Winnie...ground running.  Principal E. E. Bishop (now registrar of Palm Beach Jr. College) started the first team in 1930.  Rev. Joe Tolle, First Methodist Church, coached the first team.

On September 26, 1930 Principal Bishop of Pahokee, Canal Point asked the Pahokee Rotarians to support a football team for Pahokee.

On Friday October 10, 1930 East Beach High School team (name of the school at the time) met a Dania High School team in a football game on Pahokee School grounds at 3 p.m. This was the first matched football game ever played between high school teams in the Everglades.

The admission was 50 cents.

The first touch down ever scored at Pahokee was a pass from Leon Spooner to Dan Padgett.

The second touchdown was a 11 yard run by Dodo Parker.

Louis Gold made two touchdowns in the second Dania game.


Compliments of












        Stuart Spooner   Dan Padgett     Dodo Parker

        Otis Vinson      Hub Spooner     Louis Gold

        Carl Thompson    Lavine Gates    Siddy Winnie

        Jobn Padgett     Leon Spooner



      Pahokee 47   Punta Gorda 0   Pahokee 58   Dania 13

      Pahokee 19   Homestead 0     Pahokee 26   Stuart 7

      Pahokee 19   Frostproof 0    Pahokee 0    Ft. Pierce 19

      Pahokee 2    Sebring 0       Pahokee 24   Okeechobee 0


Pahokee total points .... 195 won 7 lost 1
Opponents total points, .39


Coach .... Frank Hobson

Managers. . Bill Howell, Mack Parker


Coach Frank Hobson broke his leg in a practice scrimmage against the Varsity.


Pahokee High School has started what seems to be its best Year in football under Frank Hobson and Joe Tolle.  All the boys are working hard and there is plenty of competition.  The line averages 155 pounds and the backfield averages 160.


The first gate brought $51.40. Guarantee to the visiting game

(Punta Gorda) was $40.00.

Louis Gold made five touchdowns against Punta Gorda in 1931


Vinson (Pahokee) recovered a Sebring ball in the end zone for a safety to win the game for Pahokee.



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Carl Thompson            Louie Gates       Horace Unwin

Siddy Winnie            Ed Thompson    Clinton Monts De Ora

Dan Padgett             Morris Tiffin         Doss Tabb

Carlos Humphries         Carl Sapp


Post Season game... Pahokee vs.  West Palm Beach

Pahokee 7    Punta Gorda 6                  Pahokee 19  Eau Galle 6

Pahokee 39   Homestead 0                    Pahokee 0   Okeechobee 0

Pahokee 0    Ft. Pierce 39


Pahokee total points .... 65     Won 3., lost l tied 1

Opponents total points. .51


Coach .... Frank Hobson, Joe Tolle


Admission to games ... Students.20 cents Adults. .40 cents

Outstanding players on the 1932 football squad were:

Horace Unwin  Carl Thompson

Carl Sapp


Carl Thompson got off a 85 yard kick in one game.





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Of West Palm Beach




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     Carl Thompson            Hub Spooner            Mark Challancin

     Siddy Winnie            Morris Tiffin            Doss Tabb

     Sparky Osteen            Mack Parker            Carl Sapp

     Valpeau Denton            Horace Unwin



Pahokee 20           Vero 0           Pahokee 0           Avon Park 0                Pahokee 13           Ft. Pierce 7     Pahokee 6           Lake Worth 6

Pahokee 0           Sebring 0         Pahokee 0           W Palm Bch 12     

Pahokee 7         Punta Gorda 7       Pahokee 33          Stuart 0
Pahokee 19        Ponce de Leon 6

Pahokee total points .... 102 Won 4, lost 1, tied 4 Opponents
total points. .26


Squad Shows Prospects

For Best Year Yet

With just three weeks to get in shape for the fall schedule the Pahokee grid 
squad under Coach Frank Hobson will get rounded up Friday afternoon at 
the Athletic field at 4:00 p.m.


Players on squad.  Tabb, Sapp, Unwin, H. Spooner, Sears, and Chalan, Backfield C. Thompson, Winnie, Tiffin, Denton, M. Parker, E. Thompson, Carlise, Osteen, 
Dan Padgett and Warmack.  A squad of 25 is anticipated for this year.

Pahokee had a good defensive team, giving up only 26 points in nine games.  
However these points were costly, because Pahokee played four tie games in 
this year.  Horace Unwin was an outstanding half-back and Carl Thompson stood 
out in the line.  Doss Tabb was a good passer.




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R.N. Upthegrove    Harold Carlisle       Horace Unwin

Hamrick            Warmack               Doss Tabb

Stein              Adrian Daane          Carl Sapp

Valpeau Denton    Bobby Cason




Pahokee 12      Coral Gables 6       Pahokee 0    W Palm Bch 13

Pahokee 18      Lake Worth 6         Pahokee 13   Vero Beach. 6     
Pahokee 26      Okeechobee 0
                         Pahokee 0    Ft. Pierce 12        
Pahokee 33      Sebring 6

Pahokee total points ....119           Won 6, lost 2

Opponents total points. .49           Coaches.... Frank Hobson,

                                                 Prof. Bishop

P.H.S. Athletic

Association Formed


On October 18, 1934 the Pahokee High School Athletic Association was formed 
during an Assembly period, with the student body electing officers to conduct 
affairs of the organization for the present school term.  Officers chosen:

President. . Willard Shackford     Secretary.  Virginia Hoenshel

                                    Manager. . Earl Lindrose

Vice Pres. . Valpeau Denton        Treasurer. . Frances Howell


Model T Tackles Captain,

Throws Him For Loss

The model T Ford which Horace Unwin, Pahokee High School Football Captain 
attempted to crank last Saturday, was offsides and rushed Unwin when the 
motor started up.  The Ford tackled low and caught the footballer on one of 
his legs, bruising the muscles and probably incapacitating him for the Pahokee-
Lake Worth game Friday of this week.  The student athlete used a cane most 
of the week in getting to his classes.







Willard Shackford          Joe Wolfe            Fred Sapp

Robert Warmack            Bill Hamrick          Carl Sapp

Adrian Daane                                    Doss Tabb

Harold Carlisle           Valpeau Denton        R N Upthegrove



Pahokee 14   Alumni 12           Pahokee 26 Ft. Pierce 0

Pahokee 53   Stuart 0            Pahokee 0  Palm Beach 20

Pahokee 20   Ponce de Leon 0     Pahokee 6  Ida Fisher High, Miami Bch 12

Pahokee 26 Vero Beach 0          Pahokee 38 Okeechobee 0
Pahokee 58 Lake Worth 0       

Pahokee total points .... 251   Won 9, lost 2...78%

Opponents total points. .45

Coach .... Frank Hobson      Asst. Coach "Pop" Walker

Pahokee vs. Ponce de Leon

Pahokee scored 20 points in first half on running plays.  They could not pass due to rain.  The game featured straight power plays and end runs.

Pahokee vs. Vero Beach

In the third quarter Upthegrove made a 40 yard run which broke open the game between Pahokee and Vero Beach.  Carl Sapp the F. B. bucked over the decisive t.d. and made the extra point.


Blue Devils Name Adopted Friday, October 18

Adopting Blue Devils as the official name for Pahokee High the student body voted last Friday on the question and laid to rest the question for this term at least. Popularly known as "Bean Pickers" among east coast and





HOURS 8:00 A. M. - 6:00 P. M.

Phone: 924-7866


SHOESHINE STAND  109 Bacom Point Road





                               1935 Cont____________________________


local fans, the newly designated "Blue Devils"' approve their name as being more dignified and dashing if less picturesque than the expressive and unofficial title.  Several interesting street arguments ensued following last Friday's game, local farmers backing the "Bean Pickers" term as being descriptive of the section's most important farming activity.

Pahokee vs.  Ft.  Pierce

Playing before an estimated crowd of 1000 people, Pahokee smashed Ft.  Pierce for the fifth shut-out of the season.  Pahokee has scored 183 points to 0 points against them.  Pahokee vs.  Palm Beach


Pahokee playing under a strain of winning five victories, lost a 20-0 contest to Palm Beach in a non-conference game.  A series of bad breaks and ill timed moves lost this game for Pahokee.  The game was played at West Palm Beach before 3,500 people.


Post Season Game . . . Pahokee 6 Ft. Myers 12   Lair Field Pahokee scored on a sleeper play in first quarter by Ft. Myers, but Ft.  Myers came back to dominate the game.



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Earl Sapp           I. J. Frasure    Jim Beardsley   J. S. Barwick

Kenny Mock      Arthur Spooner   Joe Wold   John Kautz

Fred Sapp      Arthur Larrimore   Lake Coleman   August Kirchman

Kermit Dell     Marvin Unwin      Adrian Daane      Vance Denton

Arnold Patrick   Dick Redditt    Dan Beardsley   Bob Beardsley

Tommy Parker     H. B. Baxter     James Harry Wilkinson


Pahokee 12 Stuart 6             Pahokee 0 Ft Pierce 7

Pahokee 0 Ft Myers 12           Pahokee 12 Dania 0

Pahokee 6 Vero Beach 0          Pahokee 22 Lake Worth 7

Pahokee 6 Ft Lauderdale 0       Pahokee 0 Palm Beach 6

Pahokee 6 Miami Beach 38        Pahokee 7 St Cloud 6

Pahokee 0 Sarasota 6


Pahokee total points .... 71 Coach .... Frank Hobson

Opponents total points. .88 Captain. Adrian Daane Won 6, lost 5
Manager ... G. W. Byrd

CHEERLEADERS: Gerry Thomas     June McKinstry

           Mary Jean Handley     J. W. Jones

It was the depression in 1936 and the boys didn't get too much to eat. The Blue Devils were small but a good team. There were five backs on the team and their weight averaged 138 lbs per man. The line was not much heavier consisting of 18
 Blue Devils with an average weight of 142 pounds in the line.

The theory of the game at that time was to try and score a touchdown and hang
on for dear life. The Devils won three games by a margin of one touchdown. The defense was


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Since 1934"

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equal to the offense as far as scoring was concerned. 
The heaviest man on the team was Bob Beardsley at 167 pounds. Adrian Daane was captain and a good one. The great fullback, Kermit Dell, played at guard in 1936.
Pahokee  0 Sarasota 6   Pahokee 6 Lauderdale 0
Pahokee 0 Ponce de Leon Pahokee 9 Stuart 10
Pahokee 31 Dania Pahokee 26 Ft Pierce 0
Pahokee  Miami Beach  Pahokee 44 Lake Worth  0
Pahokee  33 Vero Beach 0   Pahokee 0 Palm Beach 0
Head Coach .... Frank Hobson Ass't Coach. . Robert Benton










Against Miami Beach Pahokee lacked substitutes. One of the Pahokee players was out on his feet and his teammates had to lead him up to the line of scrimmage and put him in position for one whole quarter. He played a terrific game. Later on KENNY MOCK went to the University of Georgia and became a great star as a freshman.